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Imagine - In Just A Few Weeks, You'll Be Ready To Step Into The Spotlight With Your Signature Story That You LOVE; With Emotional Connection, Impact, And Engagement; And All The Confidence That Comes With Being Prepared!

No more stepping over $1,000s in missed opportunity every time you speak. No more stressful, panicked late nights struggling to create your talk or share your story for your gig the next day. No more wondering when you're going to finally get out there with your gifts & be seen!

This is the first step! You'll have everything you need to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool around - YOU!
Authentically Sharing Your Powerful Story!

Sunday, December 03, 2023
From the Desks of Dr. Robert Pease & Nikkea B. Devida

Dear Fellow Speaker (Yes, YOU my friend!),

Any of this sound familiar?

If any of this rings true, then I have a special treat for you. I'd like to invite you to the FIRST and ONLY training program designed for heart-centered, conscious entrepreneurs, experts and agents of change - "SHINE Your Life Virtual Bootcamp: Step into the Spotlight Sharing Your Authentic Story in a way that Creates Emotional Connection that you Love, so that you have the Confidence that comes with being Ready!"

I will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through creating a Signature Story that effortlessly sells YOU, your core products/services, or message without you feeling inauthentic, incongruent, or fake.

You see, I've figured it all out AND I'm laying it out for you so you can easily duplicate my success. Creating an authentic and powerful Signature Story was one of the keys to me building a successful business and having an ALL ACCESS PASS in life! But it goes even deeper than that - my work teaching heart-centered entrepreneurs and experts on how to craft Signature Stories that create emotional connection and engagement are about to transform an entire industry. That's because I'm bridging the gap between the spiritual and personal development industry, the business development industry, and the entertainment industry.

I LOVE more than anything teaching how to craft your story. Why? Because it's such a FAST and EASY way to get results. (At least, once you have that killer Signature Story!)

Here's what I used to do.

Growing up my life was less than ordinary. Living in a ultra run down area of Houston with a detached father struggling with alcoholism, a mother pounding the sidewalk to ride 2 buses back and forth to her job as a minimum wage retail sales clerk in a downtown department store to support the three of us in a 2 room 4 plex apartment building worried that any day we would be homeless and hungry and financially distressed worried for me during the day alone, a latchkey kid in a toxic environment promoting the opportunity for me to run away from home, live on the streets, get involved in the drug culture of the 60's and live by my wits. The only reason I survived this period of my life was due to an elaborate false identity I created about myself to provide protection and support as an emancipated teen. I learned very early in life the importance of a story about myself which included emotional impact to engage and attract support and encouragement. It may appear to be highly unlikely that this can happen to you but we have all seen the enormous percentage of families stricken by homelessness, poverty, broken lives, addictions, and mental illness due to volatile economies worldwide.

I never believed that my life and the stories of my adventures and experiences in survival would someday be the very foundation of my present career. Because I never thought I had much to share, that my stories would only sound preposterous, over the top and unbelievable. For a long time I never talked about my life to people. I lived below the radar, to prevent too much attention on myself. For most of my life I built my self-image on the people I either read about or saw on the silver screen. It would be 55 years of living before I would come to realize that life is adventure and being in it is the experience I came to explore. More importantly, I became aware my greatest asset was the sum total of all my experiences and to step into myself as a role model instead of the actor of acts and the doer of deeds. The most effective role I can ever play is simply to be me. Realizing the only person I really knew at all was living in the suit of my skin, it seemed an easy transformation. Ha! Who knew that once I made the decision to stand in my light and not in my shadow the true adventure begins.

"The Hero's Journey is the story of each one of us becoming visible and stand on the edge of experience and look out on the world, travelling light of fare with the true desire sparked, inflamed with passion to take the greatest leap of faith of all and be true to thyself, speaking impeccably and offering kindness, gratitude and love to every person as community along the adventure we create for our self each day."

The day I made the decision to no longer live a fractured fairytale life, defined by the longing to please other people so much that I wore the mask required to walk the path of least resistance, like spinning plates on sticks and finally fatigued and broken lead me to the crossroads of my life. The very first sign emblazoned with the words "Against My Better Judgment." Yes that was the day I spread my energy out, like a peacock showing all the feathers, I spread out all the archetypes of my life and revealed myself so fully to express I AM THAT! Every person I met became the next day of attracting real concrete solutions to eliminate financial lack and scarcity and initialized the beginning of my adventure as a social entrepreneur.

In building authentic relationship with community I became more confident I belonged not to others but to myself. Confidence emerged from being visible to myself and opened pathways to others seeing me as well. To simply shine my light attracts those who resonate with the power of acceptance of oneself as a priceless experience. Being true to myself gave me a new personal freedom I had never experienced and by simply sharing my story with others allowed them to feel connected to their experiences to release shame, guilt, blame and isolation. In sharing my story my soul became a comfort to other souls as I am comforted by sharing. Connections became relationships which became community and the foundation of my knowing I am supported as I support others.

The decision to step into my own shoes, my real life story and share the highs, the lows, and the catalyst which sparked transformations in my life allowed me for the first time to see my reflection and to finally no longer be transparent but instead BE empowered. Behold I am the Divine Light Within! No longer merely a fragile living soul lost on a sea of scarcity.

In sharing both the despair and triumphs of a life, my life once filled with abuse, addictions, pain, near death experiences, foreign wars, poverty, divorce, death of loved ones from AIDS, Cancer, Heart attacks, Accidents and Battlefields of Life, not only sharing but broadcasting loud and clear, the very first thing I experienced were how many people raised their hand, raised two hands or jumped on a chair to let me know they too had experienced much the same. This allowed me to receive fully for the first time and every time after that "I am not alone." I am community. My story is your story and together fully expressed is our story. I am finally home where the heart lives. The truth, my truth set me free!

But you can also use sharing your story to figure out what you SHOULD be speaking about and selling. And, even more importantly, how you should be BRANDING yourself. So many people think they should figure out their branding and then go out and speak. I think that's BACKWARDS. You're sitting by yourself in front of a computer and trying to come up with a brand when you could be speaking, getting yourself in front of your ideal clients, and finding out what THEY'RE attracted to. You'll come face to face with your blessing. And you'll know EXACTLY how you should brand yourself. (And you won't have to spend thousands of dollars branding yourself WRONG before you figure it out.)

But before you can do ANY of this, you need to craft a kick-butt Signature Story that SELLS YOU!

Because as you know, people buy out of emotion and then back it up with logic. And they only buy from people they know, like, and trust. And that's where my Shine Your Life Virtual Bootcamp comes in.

This is the ONLY training available that walks heart-centered entrepreneurs and agents of change through EXACTLY how to craft your Signature Story that SELLS YOU!

It's designed to help you:

It's designed specifically for you if you're an entrepreneur, coach, expert, speaker, author, or service professional who prefers an authentic style of speaking and want to use your authentic style, experience, voice, story, gifts, and talents to draw people in while fully being yourself.

Most trainings out there focus on a formulaic, cookie cutter approach to sharing your story and expertise that's uninteresting, not memorable, dry, and, well, boring!

If you resonate with any of my other programs, trainings or speaking, then you'll love learning how to craft a Signature Story that magically transforms casual, uninterested listeners into riveted, raving ones on-the-spot and leaves both you and them feeling good about it.

And since I know your time is gold, there's no reason to wade through a long complicated process. I'm all about combining simplicity and systems, which means you're going to be able to craft a Signature Story that Creates Emotional Engagement and Connection faster and with less stress than you ever thought possible.

In just a few weeks, you're going to walk away with:

Best yet, you're going to know how to be paid well for doing what you love, on teleseminars or from the stage, you will be ready for massive sales results!

Let me also share a few things you WON'T get with our SHINE Your Life Virtual Bootcamp:

"Dr. Robert has been instrumental in providing a very effective framework through marvelous personal coaching this past year as we sorted through my vision, experience, expertise and in supporting me to expand in formatting, articulating, refining, developing and elevating my platform to have more clarity in preparing to launch aligned with my passion and taking my life's work to a whole new level."

Kathryn Cooper

Here's just a sampling of what you'll get in our comprehensive virtual training as we cover the 5 Step SHINE Process:

Step 1 - Showing Up

"Get crystal clear on the outcome you want from sharing your story and start crafting your stories!"

We start here because the outcome that you want is the core of your Signature Story. Everything else is reverse engineered from here. It's also what you're probably most resisting. So we start here and pull it together so you have everything you need and require to create the rest of your story.

You'll also get my process that will "juice" up your outcome and transform it from falling flat to fabulous.

You'll also learn:

Sample stories you can model so that you present yours with clarity and power.

Step 2 - Harmonize

"This is where we create instant trust and credibility as we transition into sharing the stories
that connect others with YOU"

Now that we have the outcome and purpose of your story, we're ready to begin choosing and crafting your stories. You'll begin to write down and craft the 3 high points and 3 low points of your life. We'll work on the content and emotional connection of those stories. You'll be amazed at how effortless your stories unfold once you know my easy formula. (It practically writes itself!)

You'll also learn:

Create Instant Credibility Worksheet Accelerator: Imagine creating an instant connection with your audience so you immediately become someone they "know, like, and trust." Yes it can be easy as that!

Step 3 - Ignite

"Now we go back and review your stories and identify the "theme" and "thruline" so that you are
weaving the stories together with a seamless connection of emotional impact from the very beginning!"

Ah, now we've gotten to the "secret sauce." This is what will set my method apart from all the rest of those trainings out there. Knowing how to weave the stories together is the key to making you stand out and be memorable.

You'll also learn:

Robert's formula for Telling Killer Stories: You don't have to be creative or an author to still craft a compelling story that hooks your audience in and inspires them to take action. I'll show you how easy it can be.

Step 4 - Navigate

"I'll show you how to make a smooth transition between the highs and lows of your story through a
performance medium that you're passionate about and feels exciting to you and entertaining, impactful, and
memorable to your audience...whew!"

Yes there IS a way you can craft your entire story and have it flow easily and effortlessly through a performance medium you LOVE that is a full expression of you! I want you to feel completely comfortable sharing your story and by the time you're done with this module, you'll wonder why you struggled with this for so long!

You'll also learn:

Putting It All Together: This is Robert's paint by numbers process for what to say, how to say it, what essential ingredients each story needs, and which performance medium you can use to be as impactful as possible.

Step 5 - Experience

"Let's make sure that every time you share your story you experience and enjoy greater visibility,
credibility, and memorability AND a whole slew of additional results beyond that that most speakers miss, shall we?"

Sharing your story in a compelling way is obviously pretty important. But it's not the only way to maximize your visibility to share your message. There are many techniques you could be incorporating before and after your performance to squeeze every drop of goodness from each opportunity. (After all, you're all dressed up anyway, why NOT get the most out of it? The most money, sales, new clients, leads for your list, JV opportunities, invitations to speak at other events, etc.)

You'll also learn:

Guide to Getting and Using Testimonials: Gain the confidence you need to get and use testimonials the right way each and every time.

So now you may be wondering, "Robert, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me to..."

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